Snapshots of the first 2 weeks of class

First day of class
Edigator: Hellow, I'm Ms. Edigator.
Students: Fuck you, suck my balls!

Second day of class
Ms. Edigator, your 13 year old student who has a 20 year old boyfriend ran away from home. Contact the police if you see her.

Second week of class
"You are not allowed to change any texts without written authorization from central office. You will teach the extremely shitty short story from Goosebumps in Spanish, where all the characters are written directly by the ass of R.L. Stein and translated by Mr. Google-Translate's Mentally Handicapped Twin."

Second week of class
Teacher: You know, these kids don't know any better. All of their parents are illegals, so the children know nothing but crime.
Edigator: Urm, you mean refugees or undocumented people?
Teacher: Uh? No, illegals.

Second week of class
Edigator: Class, we are going to work on respecting one another.
Student: Yeah, you can all suck my dick!

Second week of class
Student hits another in the hallway
Edigator: Hey, we are not behaving like that, we are nice to each other.
Student: Fuck you, I don't speak Spanish.

Second week of class
Teacher: What was your name?
Edigator: Edigator.
Teacher: Yeah, I'll never be able to pronunce it. I'll just call you Ms. E.
Edigator: No, I don't think so.
Teacher: ...

The edigator thought teaching Middle School was going to be more rewarding than working in Academia. It has a PhD from a Midwestern very White and Liberal-light institution. It emigrated from Mexico 9 years ago and due to luck and a gringo falling in love with its scalyness, it is also an American citizen.
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