Mexican in Wisconsin: level brat

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I don't really have to explain what a bratwurst is to people who speak English, but for those who might not know, it is a sausage and is very typical in USA's Midwest. 

Anywho, once you arrive to Wisconsin you start to learn that people will never ask  "Do you like brats?", but rather "HOW do you like your brats?"

This is they way I prepare them.

Step 1. Bacon 
yup, bacon

Step 2. Wrap it around the brat
See? They love each other

Step 3. Cook (either grill or stove-top, you can add a splash of beer)
Cook it good

Step 4. Grab a tortilla and heat it up
That is a comal, you can use a pan

Mexicans usually eat their tortillas hot, try it once.

Instructions for heating up tortilla: If the pan is already hot, you put them in the pan and then flip them, when they rise they are ready, about 30 seconds total.
Tortilla rising

Step 5. It puts the brat in the tortilla
I like it burnt

Step 6. Mustard it.
You add normal amount

Add the rest of your condiments. I did not have anything else, so I put salsa. I usually stick some sliced jalapeños there.
Careful, it is illegal to add ketchup to a brat, no laws about salsa, though

Step 7. Roll it up, eat.
And this is a brat taco!


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